Agfarm Photo Comp

The Agfarm Photo Competition is up and running!

If you love taking photos and videos of everything ag, see yourself as a budding photographer or videographer and love a good sunset or sunrise over the open plain, this is the competition for you.

How do you enter?

All you need to do is take a photo or video of anything ag and submit it via social media between April 1st 2018 and May 31st 2018 by using the hashtag #agfarmphotocomp and tagging @Agfarm on Twitter and Facebook or @Agfarm_Pty_Ltd on Instagram.

How do you win?

It’s a simple numbers game. Each entry will receive:

–   1 point for every reaction (like, love etc.)

–   2 points for every comment

–   3 points for every share

The entry with the highest score across all platforms at the end of the competition wins.

What do you win?

The winner of the competition will receive a $500 travel voucher AND an enlarged framed version of the winning entry.

For everyone else, your photos/videos will be featured in the Agfarm Weekly Wrap, shared through social media (we won’t count our points), and posted in the photo comp gallery below.

📸 @helencarpenterphotography ‘The old mill has seen better days’ via Instagram 07/04/2018


📸 @kpegga via Instagram 22/04/2018

📸 @heathermay_3846 ‘Foggy views’ via Instagram 20/04/2018

📸 @heathermay_3846 ‘Moving on out’ via Instagram 16/04/2018

📸 @shan_wal via Instagram 21/04/2018

📸 @kpegga via Instagram 22/04/2018

📸 @kpegga via Instagram 22/04/2018

📸 @kpegga via Instagram 22/04/2018

📸 @kat_blekic ‘Yesterday we finished off the harvest season 🙌’ via Instagram 03/04/2018

📸 Cherie Anderson ‘Mallee Sunrise’ via Facebook 18/04/2018

📸 Sophie Rose ‘Took this shot of some Wild horses on the Oodnadatta Track just out of Algerbuckina Springs’ via Facebook 12/04/2018

📸 @Giorgi_Shanae ‘Someone knows he’s good looking 😍 ‘ via Instagram 17/04/2018

📸 @helencarpenterphotography ‘An amazing sunset on a dusty country road. ‘ via Instagram 18/04/2018

📸 @helencarpenterphotography ‘Moving some of the sheep’ via Instagram 16/04/2018

📸 @kpegga via Instagram 12/04/2018

📸 @shan_wal via Instagram 16/04/2018

📸 @kpegga via Instagram 16/04/2018

📸 @ndgm110 ‘Loving the station life’ via Instagram 09/04/2018

📸 @sussiecountryqueen ‘Pot of gold right onto the Tomjngley mine. The other end hits about Narromine ‘ via Instagram 13/04/2018

📸 @helencarpenterphotography ‘Black sheep of the family’ via Instagram 16/04/2018

📸 @sussiecountryqueen. ‘Just a shower but how spectacular is this’ via Instagram 13/04/2018

📸 @Nick_Baumy_ ‘It’s actually day time 🐑👷🏽‍♂️’ via Instagram  11/04/2018

📸 @Jonesy41_1 via Instagram 11/04/2018

📸 @shelbyyyy_a via Instagram 10/04/2018

📸 @micksippeimage ‘|| Patterns ||’ via Instagram 10/04/2018

📸 @helencarpenterphotography ‘Moving the sheep.’ via Instagram 09/04/2018

📸 @Nick_baumy_ via Instagram 06/04/2018

📸 @Jsawyer97 via Instagram 06/04/2018

📸 Nat Slade ‘Farm dog succession planning. Dog 8yrs & Pup 11 weeks’ via Facebook 10/04/2018

📸 @kombilife ‘Boy and his Dog …….. a bond like no other’ via Instagram 13/04/2018

📸’  @sussiecountryqueen ‘Something is brewing and it’s not beer. Just a tad excited. Fingers crossed 🤞 it’s wide spread and not a Bogan shower. For the uneducated that a couple of spits followed by a dust storm via Instagram 13/04/2018

📸 @helencarpenterphotography ‘That’s not watching the sheep. My middle son relaxing whilst watching our sheep grazing with my house dog.’ via Instagram 08/04/2018

📸 @kpegga via Instagram 07/04/2018

📸 @kpegga via Instagram 07/04/2018

📸 @kpegga via Instagram 07/04/2018

📸 @susiecountryqueen. The Bogan river Brewongle NSW via Instagram 02/04/2018

📸 @mysmokobreak. A perfect autumn day for silage chopping via Instagram 12/04/2018

📸 @helencarpenterphotography_INST ‘Here comes another dust storm, they forecast rain but we got dust and lightening’ via Instagram 13/04/2018

📸 @Jsawyer97 via Instagram 06/04/2018

📸 @kpegga via Instagram 06/04/2018

📸 @kombilife ‘Trying to capture more moments on the farm …… afternoon of sheep 🐑 work and odd jobs on the farm ….. # farmlife good for the soul‘ via Instagram 08/04/2018

📸 @emmy.r.b ‘big boots to fill’ via Instagram 06/04/2018

📸 @emmy.r.b via Instagram 06/04/2018

📸 @helencarpenterphotography ‘A peaceful afternoon watching the livestock feed’ via Instagram 09/04/2018

📸 Kylie Di Fulvio. Pineapple plantations Queensland via Facebook 06/04/2018

📸 Tracy A Geddes via Facebook 08/04/2018

📸 Abbie Renee Tiller via Facebook 07/04/2018

📸 Meraki Photography via Facebook 06/04/2018

📸 @Jsawyer97 ‘Those who haven’t spent a day in the country don’t know what a good day really is’ via Instagram 06/04/2018

📸 @sammys_photo_vision ‘Fire bug controlled burn’ via Instagram 06/04/2018

📸 @miss_Rae93 ‘Coming through!’ via Instagram 07/04/2018

📸 @kpegga ‘Morning bike ride views’ via Instagram 07/04/2018

📸 @emmy.r.b ‘getting ready for harvest in the ultimate tonka toy’ via Instagram 06/04/2018

📸 Aaron Nevinson via Facebook 03/04/2018

📸 Susie Rae @susiecountryqueen. Tomingley West NSW with a near full moon via Instagram 02/04/2018

📸 Mick Sippe @micksippeimage in Mukinbudin, Western Australia via Instagram 04/04/2018

*Competition is open to all ages. If the competition winner is under the age of 18 the prize must be accepted by a parent or legal guardian.

* Terms and conditions