Fast Cash

If you could store your grain with a Major Bulk Handler, drawdown against its value, then choose when you want to sell – would you do it??

Agfarm Fast Cash gives you that option.


  • Transfer your warehoused grain to Agfarm Fast Cash.
  • Receive up to a 50% drawdown on the value of the stock within ONE business day to your nominated NGR bank account.
  • Set your sale price with your Agfarm Account Manager.
  • Once your target sales price is met, receive your net proceeds seven business days from settlement.

Fast Cash Fast Facts.

  • Fast Cash grain can be sold to an open market via the Exchange.
  • Participants have six months to sell their grain.
  • Accepted commodities include wheat, barley, canola, and sorghum.
  • Work with your Account Manager to manage your marketing plan.
  • Fees: $3/MT.
  • Interest, storage and handling charges and other fees are deducted from settlement.