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  • Vic pricing tables 201801194

    Vic Market Update – 19/01/2018

    Sam Davidson, Agfarm Account Manager VIC Victorian wheat markets held firm throughout the week despite pressure from offshore markets and conflicting global reports in wheat production estimate. This week the USDA reported an increase in world wheat production for 2018/19, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported a 4.6MMT loss in Australian wheat stocks, and finally […]
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  • WA pricing tables 201801195

    WA Market Update – 19/01/2018

    Reid Seaby, Agfarm Regional Manager WA It’s been a wet week across most of WA as the remnants of ex-tropical cyclone Joyce moved down the coast, dumping over 100mm of rain in some areas. Many question the value of summer rainfall events such as this one, given factors such as the cost involved in the […]
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  • SNSW pricing tables 20180119

    Southern NSW Market Update – 19/01/2018

    Matthew Noonan, Agfarm Account Manager SNSW This week has been somewhat slower on cash selling, but there has been active buying interest for particular wheat grades in the track. A potential lack of barley in the system may also lead to some feedlots around Southern NSW & the Central West changing over to SFW1/ASW1 wheat […]
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  • CNSW pricing tables 201801193

    Central NSW Market Update – 19/01/2018

    Alistair Murphy, Agfarm Account Manager CNSW Growers in Northern NSW have been relatively inactive on the sell front this week, as markets haven’t really moved too much in either direction to cause any major shift in seller sentiment. Friday night’s USDA release saw international values come under pressure into this week, but domestic values have […]
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  • SNSW pricing tables 20180112

    Southern NSW Market Update – 12/01/2018

    Nathan Michael, Agfarm Account Manager SNSW We are now two weeks into the new year and we are finally seeing buyers and sellers on the same page. Buyers are putting out bids with the intention of buying, and sellers are making enquiries with the intention of selling. As a result, the market has become far […]
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  • WA pricing tables 201801125

    WA Market Update – 12/01/2018

    Reid Seaby, Agfarm Regional Manager WA WA has been relatively quiet over the Christmas/New Year period, which is likely to continue through January as many are taking a well-earned break somewhere on the coast. While growers are taking an opportunity to get away, a lot are keeping abreast of grain markets to ensure they don’t […]
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  • VIC pricing tables 201801124

    Vic Market Update – 12/01/2018

    Sam Davidson, Agfarm Account Manager VIC Victorian wheat markets saw an increase in trading activity this week as buyers return to the market after a well-earned break. Conversely, growers are back to work spraying out summer weeds and organising for winter crop sowing. Delivered buyer markets for wheat continued their upward trend with bids for […]
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  • pricing table 12jan

    SA Market Update – 12/01/2018

    Kate Phillips, Agfarm Account Manager SA This week South Australian grain markets have started to show some improvement in values and has seen both sellers and buyers engaging. Growers are continuing with summer weed spraying and already looking at winter crop options. Enquiry from growers with regard to current grain marketing options have also increased […]
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  • CNSW pricing tables 201801122

    Central NSW Market Update – 12/01/2018

    Alistair Murphy, Agfarm Account Manager CNSW This week saw most markets either hold steady or begin to firm, with just a few exceptions. Newcastle SFW1 January+ carry values ended up slightly weaker, mainly off the back of prompt shorts from last week now being covered. Track protein wheats have bucked December’s downwards trend over the […]
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  • The Benefit of Deferring Your Grain Sales Program This Season

    The Benefit of Deferring Your Grain Sales Program This Season – 08/01/2018

    Chris Coore, Agfarm Advantage Manager As we enter the new year, it is a good time to explore grain prices and if they will provide success for those who choose to defer their sales program this year. First, a little wrap of the current conditions. Canola prices have seen a significant fall in values across […]
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  • pricing tables 20180105VIC

    VIC Market Update – 05/01/2018

    Sam Davidson, Agfarm Account Manager VIC Victorian wheat markets continued to consolidate this week, with cash markets closing a touch firmer across the majority of both milling and feed grades. ASW1 delivered Melbourne/Geelong prices for January forward are effectively tracking sideways from last week, with prompt delivery demand providing thin support. Delivered buyer/track spread finished […]
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  • pricing tables 20180105WA

    WA Market Update – 05/01/2018

    Reid Seaby, Agfarm Regional Manager WA The bulk of the state’s harvest is now complete, as warm weather in the lead up to Christmas saw many finish their 2017 programs. Although the season wasn’t necessarily great for everyone, many benefited from the soft finish which improved yields for most. The outcome of the cool and […]
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  • pricing tables 20180105CNSW

    Central NSW Market Update – 05/01/2018

    Alistair Murphy, Agfarm Account Manager CNSW The year has started relatively slowly in Central NSW with a lot of the industry still on leave from the Christmas break. Coarse grain markets haven’t deviated too much over the last two weeks, as international futures have been traded in a relatively tight range. Delivered feed wheat and […]
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  • pricing tables 20180105SNSW

    Southern NSW Market Update – 05/01/2018

    Nathan Michael, Agfarm Account Manager SNSW As the first week after the Christmas and New Year period draws to a close, it appears grain markets are only now starting to awaken. There has been only a light volume of buying activity and we are seeing a mixture of unmotivated buyers and unmotivated sellers, which has […]
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  • pricing tables 20180105SA

    SA Market Update – 05/01/2018

    Giles Ditchfield, Agfarm Account Manager SA Harvest is drawing to a completion throughout much of SA after a nice run of weather since Christmas. The harvest completion for the state is sitting around 94%, with the Lower SE and the lower YP still finishing off. These areas should be finished by the middle of next […]
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  • Fast Cash

    Don’t settle for today’s grain prices. Store your grain with a Major Bulk Handler, receive a 60% loan, then choose when you want to sell. Agfarm Fast Cash Fast Facts Competitive interest rates Sell grain to an open market place Receive cash within one business day No minimum time or tonnage commitment 73% of last […]
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  • SNSW Pricing TAble 20171215

    Southern NSW Market Update – 15/12/2017

    Nathan Michael, Agfarm Account Manager SNSW This week has seen Southern NSW harvest completion move to 80-90%. Aside from one or two exceptions, it seems any wheat harvested after the last rainfall event has suffered from falling numbers issues. As a result, most of the late-harvested wheat is either AH9, the higher protein version of […]
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  • CNSW Pricing Table 20171215

    Central NSW Market Update – 15/12/2017

    Anthony Hall, Agfarm Account Manager CNSW Those with crop still to harvest were back on the headers this week. The majority of wheat has been completed, with just clean-up jobs and slow yielding paddocks to go. Growers have made a start on chick peas after the later-planted crop took longer to come in, meaning most […]
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  • VIC Pricing table 20171215

    VIC Market Update – 15/12/2017

    Tim Hogarth, Agfarm Account Manager VIC A week of mostly fine weather has allowed crops to dry out and for harvest to regain much needed momentum. Stripping in the north-west is nearing completion, with growers finishing off the last of their wheat now. For many, the quality has diminished further with each rain event, and […]
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  • Wa Pricing TAble 20171215

    WA Market Update – 15/12/2017

    Reid Seaby, Agfarm Regional Manager WA Another solid week of harvest has seen CBH receivals reach close to 11.5MMT. Overall, WA crops have continued to yield slightly better than expected but protein levels have been disappointing. The last of the tonnes in Geraldton are trickling in, with total deliveries close to 1.5MMT, exceeding CBH’s original […]
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  • SA Pricing Table 20171215

    SA Market Update – 15/12/2017

    Kate Phillips, Agfarm Account Manager SA Last week was a week of hot temperatures, a total fire ban, night-long harvesting, and now another rain front on the forecast. Each rain event brings on more and more concern regarding grain quality. Growers’ comments around the good protein levels they are seeing have continued through this week, […]
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  • CNSW weekly 8-12-17

    Central NSW Market Update – 08/12/2017

    Alistair Murphy, Agfarm Account Manager CNSW We are now expecting a few weeks of dry weather which will allow us to wrap up the last of the 2017 harvest in Central-West NSW. The majority of cereals have now been completed, with only some clean up paddocks east of Dubbo left to complete. Chick peas are […]
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  • SNSW Harvest Completion 20171208

    Southern NSW Market Update – 08/12/2017

    Matthew Noonan, Agfarm Account Manager SNSW The majority of growers north and west of Wagga Wagga have either finished harvest this week or only have small amounts of stubborn crop remaining. Surprisingly, the unharvested crop in these areas is primarily made up of canola which was to be direct-headed, rather than windrowed, and refused to […]
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  • pricing tables 201712084 VIC

    VIC Market Update – 08/12/2017

    Giles Ditchfield, Agfarm Account Manager VIC It seems most of the state can breathe a sigh of relief after escaping the weekend rainfall event and only receiving 20-40mm. There were still some regions to the north-east of the state and around Swan Hill that copped the full barrage, which will definitely have an impact on […]
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  • IMG_3626[1]

    WA Market Update – 08/12/2017

    Reid Seaby, Agfarm Regional Manager WA Most of the state’s canola and barley has been harvested and growers are now pushing on with their wheat in the hope they wrap up before the Christmas period. Some areas of the wheat belt have experienced rain and/or thunderstorms over the last few weeks, but generally this has […]
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  • pricing tables 20171208SA

    SA Market Update – 08/12/17

    Kate Phillips, Agfarm Account Manager SA Another week, and another rain event here in South Australia. It is certainly becoming a stop-start harvest 17. Thankfully the sun seems to be breaking through the clouds and the forecast for the next seven days appears to be warm and dry, hopefully it stays this way for the […]
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  • World Market Update December

    Agfarm World Market Update, December 2017

    What does La Niña actually mean? Annabelle Honner, Agfarm Commodity Analyst – The most recent La Niña update from the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has a lot of people talking, but how many of us actually know what a La Niña is, and what it means for Aussie grain markets? The El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) […]
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  • pricing tables 20171201VIC4

    VIC Market Update – 04/12/2017

    Sam Davidson, Agfarm Account Manager VIC Most of the state finally had a solid run at harvesting last week, and quality continues to pleasantly surprise most across oilseeds and cereals alike. Unfortunately however, these achievements were largely overshadowed by the star of the week, the weather. Despite the huge efforts and hours to get as […]
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  • pricing tables 201712013 CNSW

    Central NSW Market Update – 04/12/2017

    Alistair Murphy, Agfarm Account Manager CNSW Markets were erratic and somewhat mixed last week as domestic and international influences caused some interesting marketing movements. Canola was hit hard, coming $10-15/MT off the previous week’s highs depending on location. The main driver for this downside was weakening international values coupled with some liquidity in the Victorian […]
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  • sA weather 20171204

    SA Market Update – 04/12/2017

    Kate Phillips, Agfarm Account Manager SA In the lead up to last weekends weather event we saw several days of good harvest conditions which had headers going like Black Caviar down the straight. The pressure to reap and get the grain into the system or into onfarm storage before the expected rainfall was the primary […]
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  • pricing tables 201712015 WA

    WA Market Update – 04/12/2017

    Reid Seaby, Agfarm Regional Manager WA Mostly clear weather allowed good harvest progress in WA last week with CBH taking about 2.5MMT of grain deliveries into the network. As per CBH estimates, the total 7.33MMT delivered puts harvest at roughly 60% complete. Geraldton deliveries surpassed 1MMT and from all reports harvest should essentially wrap up this week. […]
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  • SNSW Harvest Completion 20171201

    Southern NSW Market Update – 04/12/2017

    Nathan Michael, Agfarm Account Manager Southern NSW Headers were running at full capacity to harvest as much as possible before the weekend rains. Although the front hasn’t completely passed, many regions received up to 100mm over the course of Friday and Saturday and up to 150mm for the month. We have started to see some […]
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  • pricing tables 2017111244VIC2

    Victorian Market Update – 24/11/2017

    Tim Hogarth, Agfarm Account Manager, VIC & SA We are another week into harvest, however it feels as though we have progressed relatively little. Significant rainfall right across the state late last week brought harvest to a standstill for several days and with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting a trend towards a wetter than average […]
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  • pricing tables 2017111242 SA

    SA Market Update – 24/11/2017

    Kate Phillips, Agfarm Account Manager SA After a few good days of nice weather, harvest started to gain momentum but was again brought to a halt as a result of rain. The middle to end of last week saw widespread rain move through from the Eyre Peninsula through to the eastern parts of the state. […]
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