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    Southern NSW Market Wrap – 17/11/2017

    Nathan Michael, Agfarm Account Manager SNSW Harvest has started across most of the region. The northern areas have finished what little canola was there, are close to finishing the barley and have already begun on wheat, while most western and southern areas are well and truly in the middle of their barley and canola harvest. […]
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    Central NSW Market Wrap – 17/11/2017

    Central NSW Market Wrap – 17/11/2017 Alistair Murphy, Agfarm Account Manager CNSW We saw an impressive run at harvest progression this week, as up until recently we’ve enjoyed a relatively dry run. The rain toward the end of the week has pulled things up for now, and the total fall will determine how long the […]
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    Agfarm World Market Update November 2017

    A season of highs and lows – 2017 in summary   Chris Coore, Agfarm Advantage Manager   The 2017/18 winter cropping season has been a rollercoaster. We came off the back of a perfect growing season which created record production and records exports for Australia. This season began a little less favourably with a hot, […]
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  • Kate Phillips - Agfarm Account Manager
  • Aussie Exports

    Agfarm World Market Update, October 2017

    Australian Sorghum Prospects Increasing Chris Coore, Agfarm Advantage Manager Australian grain markets continue to revolve around local weather, taking little direction from overseas markets, which is why Aussie grain is pricing its self higher than other exporting regions such as Russia and Ukraine. There has been some welcomed rain on the radar over the past […]
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    You have reached the Agfarm Advantage Returns Webpage We are currently updating the August Advantage returns, please come back on Tuesday 26th September to find your returns.  Sorry for any inconvenience.
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    Agfarm World Market Update, September 2017

    Australian Grain Setting Own Values.  Chris Coore, Agfarm Advantage Manager The Russian and Ukraine harvests are coming to an end and putting pressure on international grain values, and as a result the Chicago wheat price in AUD/MT continues to trade at the lows. Traditionally, this would be reflected here in Australia, as with much of […]
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  • Agfarm Advantage Results

    Advantage 2 Results 2016/17 season Barley Geelong Track Melbourne Track Portland Track Adelaide Track Port Giles Track Port Lincoln Track Thevenard Track Wallaroo Track Newcastle Track Port Kembla Track Wheat Geelong Track Melbourne Track Portland Track Adelaide Track Port Giles Track Port Lincoln Track Thevenard Track Wallaroo Track Brisbane Track Newcastle Track Port Kembla Track Advantage 5 […]
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  • World Market Update August_Page_1

    Agfarm World Market Update, August 2017

    What does the recent USDA report really tell us? The most recent United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) report was published on Friday 11th of August. Surprisingly, it increased global wheat and barley production when most thought it would do the exact opposite. Unsurprisingly, this left most market participants scratching their heads. The headline numbers […]
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    You can download this calculator onto your phone to use whenever you want. Just follow these easy step by step instructions.  
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  • World Market Update July_Page_1

    Agfarm World Market Update, July 2017

    Wheat and Barley Price Volatility Not Seen in Three Years. Wheat and barley prices are showing price volatility not seen for three years, both globally and in Australia. The 2016/17 harvest saw 10 year lows in grain prices, while the month of June and into July saw a rally of up to 30%. It has […]
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    We’re happy we can provide you with information on the grain markets, both nationally and internationally.   If there are certain topics you wish to hear about each month, please don’t hesitate to ask us, we will do our best to provide you with the information you want to receive. Just email   For further […]
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    Agfarm World Market Update, June 2017

    Weather Driving Australian Grain Prices Up Over the past month, Australia has seen both current and new crop wheat and barley markets strengthen dramatically, especially compared to harvest prices. There are many domestic and international factors contributing to the current rally, and will continue to contribute in the second half of 2017. These are predominantly […]
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    Agfarm World Market Update, May 2017

    This month’s World Grain Update focuses on current plantings and the 2017/18 season world outlook for wheat. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently released the season’s first global production forecast for both America and the rest of the world. Despite markets not reacting to the news, there were some key points to note […]
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      Agfarm Accelerate, Agfarm’s successful crop input financing product is now helping growers’ manage their fuel and lubricant purchases. Keep your existing fuel supplier Agfarm will work with your existing fuel supplier. If your chosen fuel supplier doesn’t have an agreement with Agfarm, let us know, and we will reach out to them for you. […]
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  • Matrix of Multiple Origin Wheat Values

    Agfarm World Market Update, April 2017

    2016/17 – The Season of Records The 2016/17 season started on the back of a record strong El Nino Sea Surface temperature event in the Pacific Ocean. This weather pattern eventually broke down and led to a La Nina, which served Australian growers well, with above average rainfall for the majority of growing regions. As […]
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  • WMU_March_2017

    Agfarm World Market Update, March 2017

    Over the last week, off shore wheat futures markets have fallen and Australian values have largely held steady. The seasonal cycle continues, and marketers are looking toward the northern hemisphere new crop production for price signals. Lower planted acreage in the United States this season will continue to be a price factor. However, current supply […]
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  • Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 1.40.23 PM-min

    Agfarm World Market Update, February 2017

    This month’s world market update explores the firmer wheat and barley market we have experienced since the start of the year. Specifically, the drivers of the market, what to keep an eye on moving forward and how the off shore rally is reflected in Australian grain prices. Since the beginning of January, Chicago wheat futures […]
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  • SnipImage20170113

    Agfarm World Market Update, January 2017

    Harvest is fast approaching completion for most in Australia. The above average rainfall and cool temperatures through September have resulted in record yields for wheat and barley. Quality for the most part was also good. The challenge is now in logistics and grain storage. Trucks have increased freight rates due to demand outweighing supply, and […]
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  • Rolling Front Month Chicago Wheat December 2005 - December 2016

    Agfarm World Market Update, December 2016

    Australia’s is 75% of the way through harvesting our largest ever wheat and barley crop. ABARES recently updated their wheat production estimate to 32.5MMT. This is up from 28.08MMT in September. Barley estimates have also increased, now at 10.6MMT, up 1.1MMT.   Currently, growers are focused on completing harvest to get a good gauge on […]
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    Agfarm Exchange

    The Agfarm Exchange is an online grain trading platform that combines Agfarm’s market knowledge with the technological capabilities of Clear Grain Exchange. Utilising the same platform as Clear Grain Exchange, the Agfarm Exchange gives you the ability to participate in a fully transparent market place where the settlement process is managed for you and you retain […]
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    Agfarm World Market Update, November 2016

    The 2016/17 harvest is underway, albeit with a slow start, and Australia is poised to produce a record yield through some areas. Some production estimates have this year’s wheat crop near 29.8MMT which would be equal to Australia’s record in 2011/12. Barley is also penciled in to be a bin buster with the potential to […]
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  • agfarm-harvest-update-october-14th_2016_page_1

    Agfarm World Market Update, October 2016

    The 2016/17 Australian winter crop was on track to achieve record yield levels. However, in the last two months, multiple weather events have decreased the expected yield and softened the expected quality. As a consequence, the premium for Australian milling wheat basis remains high. Also, it is worth noting that at current values, Australian wheat […]
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  • agfarm-world-market-update_20160914_page_1

    Agfarm World Market Update, September 2016

    The grain outlook and what to monitor   The last few weeks have seen global grain prices dip even further in an effort to reduce the ample supply of wheat and feed grains around the world. This price drop, as shown in the chart below, has started to restrict the supplies of wheat, as growers […]
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  • factors-influencing-the-grain-markets-august-11-2016_page_1

    Agfarm World Market Update, August 2016

    Current Factors Influencing the Grain Markets Over the last three seasons we have seen global grain inventory balance sheets expand with multiple seasons of (overall) well yielding harvests in Australia, the Black Sea and North America. This has led to an environment in which we have seen prices decline for cereals. However, consumption growth remains […]
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    Agfarm World Market Update, July 2016

    The grain outlook and what to monitor Nothing has fundamentally changed in the current grain markets with wheat and barley continuing to be under pressure as global crops get bigger. The function of the market in this environment is to price new demand in order to reduce growing stock piles. The surprising Brexit result spurred […]
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    Agfarm World Market Update June 2016

    Previous World Market Updates have touched on the world being awash with wheat. They have also touched on northern hemisphere crop volatility, the time of year when crops in the northern hemisphere are exposed to unpredictable growing conditions. This month’s World Market Update will focus on the increasing concerns in quality for the world’s wheat […]
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    Agfarm World Market Update May 2016

    There are numerous factors that contribute to the continual increase in demand for coarse grains. The first being global population growth and the second being sociological and economical changes, such as increased wealth and the impact this has on diet change. Population growth The growing population is not a new phenomenon, nor should it be […]
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    Agfarm World Market Update April 2016

    Chinese Domestic Corn Clearance is a Move Toward an Increased Free Market Feed Grains Model In late March the Chinese Government went to extreme measures to curb their ballooning domestic corn stock pile with the announcement they will move closer to a free market system. Since 2009 the Government has supported domestic production by implementing […]
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