2018 Crop Progression South Australia

2018 Crop Progression South Australia

Location: Outskirts of Murray Bridge township

Paddock Description: Track Paddock

Crop: Barley

Variety: Scope

Date Crop Sown: 5/06/2018

Soil Quality: Very sandy, almost non-wetting soil

Moisture Profile: 32mm rainfall total for 2018

Previous Crop: Scope barley

This season, in conjunction with a grain growing family in Murray Bridge Kate Phillips, is visually documenting a barley crop each month from sowing to harvest.


To keep up to date elements such as rainfall, chemical and fertiliser applications, average temperatures, pest problems and a bunch of other interesting facts and figures follow us on social media.

Report 1: 15th June 2018

Pre-Sowing Rain: 

  • January – June 2018 = 17 mm

After Sowing Rain:

  • 15th June = 15mm

Sowing Rates:

  • 60kg/Ha Scope barley

Post Sowing Treatments:

  • 60Kg/ha Prime DLZ
  • 1.1L/ha Triflan
  • 120gms/ha Metribuzin 750

Report 2: 28th August 2018

Stage of the crop:

  • Tilling stage
  • Four weeks behind where it would normally be at this time of year
  • Some areas of the paddock look ok while others are starting to struggle

Rainfall since the last report:

  • July = 22mm
  • August = 22mm


  • Paddock has been relatively protected against recent winds
  • Lack of moisture causing the crop to struggle

Subsoil Moisture:

  • Moisture can be found when digging down (around eight inches in some areas). Plant roots seem to have found this and are utilising best they can.

Post Sowing Treatments:

  • None

Expected Tonnage:

  • If more rain is received and there is a soft finish, it’s expected to get just under 1MT/ha