Advantage March 4

Advance Prices: wheat, barley and canola

Week Commencing: 4th March 2019

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1300 243 276

What is Advantage March 4?

Agfarm Advantage March 4 is a post harvest marketing program providing you with structured sales from March until June, exposing your grain to possible market rallies.

Agfarm Advantage March 4 operates by the same mantra as all Agfarm Advantage programs. The difference is, March 4 allows you to transfer grain post harvest and markets 25% of your grain each month from March until June. This time frame exposes your grain to the key spring weather period in the northern hemisphere production cycle.

Market Facts

– Wheat exports are being sourced from the US creating a good bid tone in Chicago wheat futures

– Australian grain production is well below average creating incredibly tight domestic supply and demand which is likely to support cash prices into 2019

– Australian sorghum production estimates continue to be downsized due to the continuing drought


Commodities Accepted

– Wheat

– Barley

– Canola

Payment Options

Advance Payment:
Borrow money and be paid within 3 business days.

Monthly Payment:
As you sell your grain, get paid the following month.

Deferred Payment:
One payment in July.


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