Advantage March 4

Agfarm Advantage March 4 is a post harvest marketing program providing you with structured sales from March until June, exposing your grain to possible market rallies.

Agfarm Advantage March 4 operates by the same mantra as all Agfarm Advantage programs. The difference is, March 4 allows you to transfer grain post harvest and markets 25% of your grain each month from March until June. This time frame exposes your grain to the key spring weather period in the northern hemisphere production cycle.

Over the two years Advantage March 4 has operated, it out performed the harvest price.

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Market Facts

  • There has been a bullish start to 2018 that is likely to continue.
  • There is concern around winter kill in the US, particularly for higher protein wheat areas.
  • Speculative funds have carried a near record short position across all agricultural commodities, including wheat, and may need to start buying it back. This should create weight behind the bid.

Commodities AcceptedDog-min

  • Wheat
  • Canola
  • Barley

Payment Options

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