Advantage 5 Results

2017/18 Advantage 5 Results


The Advantage 5 sales program has finalised for the year with outstanding results, showing once again that deferring grain sales with Agfarm Advantage can generate significant returns.


To hear Agfarm Advantage Manager Chris Coore give a quick summary of the returns before expenses and the market drivers which occurred during the time period, watch the short videos below.


For detailed results by commodity and port zones, scroll to the bottom of the page.

“The 2017/18 season once again showed deferring your grain sales with Agfarm Advantage can generate significant returns.

The Advantage 5 program returned:

$28.95/MT above the harvest price for ASW in NSW with F1 barley returning $38.50/MT.

In Victoria, ASW returned $33.25/MT with barley achieving $33.75/MT above the harvest price.

And in South Australia, both ASW1 and F1 achieved more than $25.75/MT above the harvest price.

For details and results by commodity and port zone, visit”

“Several factors led to the long price rally which helped Agfarm generate such fantastic results this season, but none more relevant than adverse weather.

Russia, Ukraine, the US and Australia have all experienced drier than normal conditions, with March 2018 being particularly dry, placing doubt and uncertainty around 2018/19 wheat production, now predicted to drop to 75 Million Tonnes. This is the first time in 6 years wheat production has not increased year on year, decreasing the surplus of grain that has plagued agri commodity markets since 2012.”

“Closer to home, domestic demand to feed livestock on mixed farming operations and commercial feedlots has increased, pushing grain values in all markets higher and higher, to the point where vessels are departing Western and South Australia and travelling to the East Coast to help relieve the tight situation.

Internationally, a good export pace from Australia to our traditional export markets has also created stronger demand for South and Western Australian grain.

These strong pricing signals combined with a strong selling mantra has allowed Agfarm Advantage 5 customers to receive great returns this season.”