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Available at all major bulk handling companies such as Viterra, Emerald, Grainflow, and GrainCorp. We also have storage and handling agreements with some privately owned storage sites. To find which private receival sites, click here.

Six options to market your grain

Advantage Harvest is a short marketing program, designed to capture harvest pricing, Advantage Harvest will provide growers with a dedicated marketing program during their busiest period along with a finance-free advance payment.

Advantage 2 gives you the option of fast cashflow with an immediate cash advance 3 business days after delivery, 2 monthly payments or a single deferred payment – all with 2 months exposure to the grain market.

Advantage 5 gives you five months of exposure to the market and regular cashflow spread over five monthly payments. Alternatively, you can choose to take an immediate cash advance three business days after delivery.

Advantage 10 gives you the opportunity to increase your market exposure, over 10 months. Plus you get peace of mind, knowing you’ll receive 10 regular payments.

This is the Advantage option for growers who are confident in their ability to judge the market but are still looking for access to buyers, security of payment, flexible cashflow options, Agfarm marketing expertise and simple administrations. Advantage Flexi lets you sell parcels of grain when you like, enabling you to monitor the market for the best prices, while accessing advance payments to help manage cashflow.

Agfarm Advantage March 4 is a post-harvest marketing program providing you with structured sales from March until June, exposing your grain to possible market rallies.

Agfarm Advantage March 4 operates by the same mantra as all Agfarm Advantage programs. The difference is, March 4 allows you to transfer grain post-harvest and markets 25% of your grain each month from March until June. This time frame gives your grain exposure to the key spring weather period in the northern hemisphere production cycle.

Take the Advantage

We listen to your opinions and learn from your experience. Our expert team can help you choose the best Advantage program to meet your needs now and into the future. Talk to us today about the options or register your interest via the form at the top of the page.

Payment Options

Advance Payment:
Borrow money and be paid within 3 business days.

Monthly Payment:
As you sell your grain, get paid the following month.

Deferred Payment:
One payment in July.

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Advantage FAQ

What commodities can I put in Agfarm Advantage?

Wheat, canola and barley.

What grades can I put in Agfarm Advantage?

We will accept all grades that bulk handlers offer as segregations.

Where can I deliver my grain to access Agfarm Advantage?

All of the major Bulk Handling Companies (BHC’s). Agfarm has storage & handling agreements with CBH, Viterra, Emerald Grain, Grainflow & GrainCorp. We also have storage & handling agreements with some smaller, private, storage sites, where we run separate specialised marketing programs. If you have a local private bulk handler you would like to deliver to, please contact us on 1300 246 276 to see what we can arrange

Can I put grain stored on farm into Agfarm Advantage?

No. We would like extend the Agfarm Advantage Managed Marketing concept to grain stored on farm, however it is very difficult to price because individual farms (unlike bulk storage sites) do not have industry standard freight rates to port, which makes pricing on farm difficult for this type of program. If you have a substantial amount of on farm storage we are happy to look into running your own personalised Advantage Marketing Program from your private storage.

When do I have to have my grain delivered to Agfarm Advantage?

Advantage Harvest closes 22nd December. The Advantage 2, 5 & 10 programs close in January 2017, however this may change in accordance with the seasonal conditions and progression of harvest. Advantage Flexi will remain open until September 30th. You can enter grain any time before these dates.

What markets do Agfarm sell to?

Agfarm sells to the best market on the day. We may sell it in the site you delivered to, export it ourselves or sell into domestic end user markets – wherever we can extract the most money for you, the Agfarm Advantage participant.

Because Agfarm is completely independent of any end users or international traders, we have no prejudices about where we sell the grain. It is all about getting the best price with secure payment.

How will I be paid?

When you quote your NGR/CBH number on delivery of each load, NGR will provide us with all of the details we need to make payments into your account. All payments are completed electronically and you will be mailed a statement each month. Please call 1300 243 276 to be set up.

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