Agfarm Exchange

The Agfarm Exchange is an online grain trading platform that combines Agfarm’s market knowledge with the technological capabilities of Clear Grain Exchange. Utilising the same platform as Clear Grain Exchange, the Agfarm Exchange gives you the ability to participate in a fully transparent market place where the settlement process is managed for you and you retain title of your grain until payment is received.


By using the Agfarm Exchange, you will have access to the expertise of the Agfarm Account Management team to help with a sales strategy, target pricing and listing your grain. You can then enjoy the bid/offer visibility of this market place to monitor your sales program. It is free to set up an account and free to post grain, you are only charged a small $2.00 fee when your grain is sold.

A special feature of the Agfarm Exchange is the connection to Agfarm Fast Cash. Agfarm Fast Cash allows you to store grain in a Major Bulk Handler, transfer to Agfarm Fast Cash and receive a 60% payment within one business day of transfer confirmation. You then have up to six months to sell your grain, separating your grain marketing and cashflow needs. You will be able to view your Fast Cash grain on the Agfarm Exchange, giving you an easy and efficient way to sell your grain when the time and price is right.

For more information on the Agfarm Exchange, to create a login or if you require assistance with trading your grain online, please contact your local Agfarm Account Manager on 1300 243 276 or enter your details above and we will contact you.