CNSW Market Update – 02/08/2019

Anthony Hall, Regional Manager NSW & QLD

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Another week without any rain for NSW, and we are breaking records for all the wrong reasons. There were a number of towns that set all-time records in July for the lowest rainfall received. Moving into QLD, there were some isolated falls in central QLD which will be perfect timing for most of their crops as they start flowering. The further south you went the lighter the falls were.

Talking to CRT stores and agronomist this week to get feel for what growers in QLD and NNSW are thinking about summer cropping opportunity. It would come as no surprise we have record areas of fallow country due to no significant winter break. If we even get a hint of a decent rainfall event in the coming months everyone will be ready to start sowing something. We desperately need ground cover, stock feed and a chance to generate some income from a grain crop. The big limiting factor we have this year is all this fallow country is sitting there with minimal moisture content and it is risky business trying to grow summer crops in times like this. Fingers crossed for a wet one.

This week I was in QLD visiting sugar cane growers and broadacre farmers in Ayr, Ingham and Townsville. Outside of the flood affected areas from the December falls things are looking good. They have started cutting cane and in general, yields are good but sugar content in some crops is a little lower than normal. There is a growing trend among some farmers to diversify away from being 100% cane farmers especially in areas where there is irrigation. Low sugar prices would be one of the main drivers for this. The crops of choice are corn, soy beans, mung beans and sorghum. The area has great growing conditions and as long as they can avoid a wet harvest, they have the potential to pull off some big yields. As these crops aren’t common for the area, the limiting factors are poor logistics, a lack of consumers and minimal onfarm storage.


Pictured: Sugar cane and corn crop in Ayr QLD.


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