Anthony Hall, Regional Manager NSW & QLD

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We cannot cut a break on the weather front; another week passes by with no rain. We have reached temperatures as high as 32 degrees this week and solid winds to top it off. There is a cool change coming through over the weekend which will be good to give crops some reprieve from the heat but unfortunately, there is no rain predicted to come with it. Fingers crossed the forecast is wrong and we’re due for a downpour in the near future.

The hotter and dryer forecast has got most in the marginal areas very worried. They’re unsure if they have enough moisture to finish the crop so have made the decision to cut for hay before it is too late. With the likely hood of a reasonable amount of hay being cut, prices have come under pressure.

Crops are maturing very quickly with the heat and it’s likely to be an early and quick harvest again for NSW. I took a trip to Moree via Walgett this week and the crops around Gilgandra and Coonamble are showing definite signs of stress and have done well to hold on a long as they have. As you would expect under these circumstances, the crops are patchy and trying to fill grain in ordinary conditions. It was easy to see there was a bank of rain that lasted around 60km north of Coonamble towards Walgett where crops looked a bit better. However, it got back to very marginal conditions for the balance of trip to Walgett. Walgett via Collarenebri to Moree unfortunately had nothing in the way of a crop.

It looks as though it will be a late summer plant this year (December) with no rain on the forecast and the ideal time for first plant being over the next three to four weeks. IT seems unlikely there will be a sorghum plant of any scale at this stage.

Pictured: Crop west of Coonamble NSW

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