CNSW Market Update – 08/06/2018

Anthony Hall, Agfarm Regional Manager NSW & QLD

Another week has passed with no rainfall. The question on everyone’s mind is; will the change scheduled over the long weekend be substantial enough to make any difference. With only a few mm excepted, we suspect it won’t. It’s getting extremely late in the season to be planting and yield potential will continue to decline the later the sowing window is pushed back. Even more concerning is the already planted seed either un-germinated or partially shot.

After saying this, June still presents some opportunity if a late break occurs, as shorter growing window wheat and barley varieties such as (wheat) Crusader, Spitfire, Dart, Sunmate and (Barley) La Trobe, Hindmarsh and Spartacus are available. The Department of Primary Industries suggests sowing times any time after June is less than ideal, however if prices remain strong we suspect quite a few will be happy to push the boundaries if it means getting a crop in the ground and generating some form of return.

Feed grains remain well sort after by feedlots and growers looking to help finish fattening livestock or maintain a breading heard. A steady flow of trucks can still be seen heading from south to north supplying areas with depleted reserves of grain and hay. The larger feed consumers in the Downs region found comfort again this week with more cargoes from South Australia making their way into their market. However, there is still another five to six months before we will see new crop cereals become available, and with growers tending to only release unsold stocks as the rains fall, it’s going to be a trying couple of months.

Old crop wheat values have remained steady this week with limited selling keeping buyers bids relatively unchanged. Delivered Downs is being bid at a $400-405/MT, Newcastle at $385-390/MT and Liverpool Plains at $392-394/MT. New crop selling is still far from the minds of most in Central and Northern NSW areas as there is just no confidence in how this season may play out.


Prices as at 7th June 2018


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