CNSW Market Update – 12/04/2019

Anthony Hall, Regional Manager NSW & QLD

It’s been very quiet on the rainfall front this week. There is a little bit of activity popping up in the predicted ANAZC Day week change, fingers crossed it eventuates. With the days still pretty warm and soil temperatures high, those who have sown oats or grazing wheat are saying it’s out of the ground within five days. However, they desperately need more rain within the next two weeks to keep it going.

This week I travelled through the areas that received 100mm last week; Gilgandra, Tooraweenah, Coona, Binnaway and Coola, to see what sowing activity was happening. It was good rain, however it fell too hard and too quick. All fence lines at the bottom of any sort of slope were covered in stick and silt. There was just no ground cover to hold the water back, which meant there was limited soil profile built from the event.

There are some growers who are going to start dry sowing next week throughout NSW. They are not 100% confident it is the right thing to do, however they need to make a start and if the season does go their way, they will be well in front. Those with large areas to sow need to get a start around ANAZC day or else their program gets pushed back too late by the time they get across all their country. QLD growers have started on some oats and grazing wheat but for the grain crops, they are waiting for the next big fall to get started.

Markets have remained unchanged this week even considering the moves in the international markets. We still need substantial rains before confidence increases enough to start moving the balance of old stock held.

Prices as at 11th April

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.


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