Anthony Hall, Regional Manager NSW & QLD

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So, it can still rain! This is the best general widespread rainfall we have seen in a while. It’s certainly not drought breaking falls and it’s very late but we will take it anyway. Some of the heavier falls of 15mm fell in Coona, Gunnedah, Boggabri, Condo and Bathurst. The balance of the central and northern NSW got around 5-10mm. It’s not enough to spark a frenzy of late sowing but it will freshen the crops in the ground and may germinate some of the patchy crops, otherwise it will be banked as fallow for summer.

It was however disappointing for most of the QLD cropping belt. The patch of white on the map below is right over the Downs region. The little number of crops planted are really struggling and nothing more will be sown this winter. There is going to have to be a big turnaround in the weather patterns for a decent summer cropping opportunity. Moving up into central QLD it’s a different story all together. Cereals are out in head and chick peas are flowering all with plenty of moisture underneath. The last of the sorghum is coming off now. Most are very happy with yields thanks to the late in crop falls which saw the sorghum re-tiller and add increase yields.

We’re still seeing plenty of farmer demand for grain to feed livestock. With the dollars being paid for lambs I can’t imagine this demand falling off any time soon. All feed grains are still well into the $400’s, and with new crop harvest still three to four months away, it’s not expected we will see any down side on prices until then. With each fall of rain, we see a little bit of feed growth in the paddocks but it’s always short lived as it’s not wet enough to keep up with livestock demand.

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