Anthony Hall, Agfarm Regional Manager NSW & QLD

This week saw a few sporadic storms pass through the area with reports of 3 to 16mm of rain. Most are back into harvest and trying to get as much off as possible before the rain predicted mid next week. The only area experiencing down grading of quality is in the inner and western downs, where they’ve received up to seven inches since the crop ripening. All areas in NSW are still harvesting F1 barley and APH1 and APH2, with some of the bigger crops in the southern part of NSW getting APW1/H2. The rain predicted for next week has those still harvesting worried of potential down grading, so they are pushing to get as much off as possible. It looks like it might be a drawn-out harvest with frequency of sporadic rainfalls.

Sorghum crops in the north of NSW are progressing well and coming out in head, so the current mild conditions should make for ideal filling if the moisture is still there. Later crops in QLD will be looking for a drink in the coming weeks to maximise yield potential. Dry land cotton planting continues for those with sufficient moisture and the next round of sorghum planning won’t commence until December.

to markets, prices came under pressure on Friday last week. This was on the back of some harvest liquidity and consumers gaining comfort with the reports of WA crop coming off a little better than expected. Domestic millers have remained the most aggressive on protein wheat trying to secure as much as possible off the header. The general consensus is any shortfalls in NSW production will be made up with grain imported from WA and southern states.


Prices as at 15th Novebemer

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.


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