CNSW Market Update – 21/06/2019

Anthony Hall, Regional Manager NSW & QLD

1.5 minute read

There were a few isolated falls in northern NSW and the Downs region of QLD this week. This was similar to last week with only 4-5mm falling which unfortunately is not going to change the outlook for this winter. Most of the cropping belt for NNSW and QLD remains unchanged and everyone is still holding out for something positive to happen on the forecast before planting can progress any further. It’s expected this late in the season, even if it did break in July, we would only see a small amount of short season barley being planted, mainly for livestock. The forecast for the next seven days is dry and cold, and we have seen some cracking frosts with more forecast to come. With the cold weather and frosts we all know it exacerbates the dry as plant growth slows and more moisture is lost. The 14-day forecast has some areas in for around 10mm, fingers crossed this one comes through as predicted.

Demand for stock feed is on the rise again this week. Supplementary feeders are looking at the weather forecast and preparing for continued dry by replenishing stocks.

For those lucky enough to have a crop in, reports are they need another drink and are just holding in there. The frosts are starting to take their toll and moisture is running out. If we go another two weeks without rain, the outlook could be completely different.

Prices as at 21st June

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.


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