CNSW Market Update – 22/02/2019

Anthony Hall, Regional Manager NSW & QLD

Another week of dry weather across most of the NSW and QLD cropping belt. As we move closer to the end of February and the moisture profile being so low, growers are starting to get concerned about when and if the season is going to break to get started on the winter program. The dry has certainly made it a cheap start to the year for fallow sprays. Talking to some CRT stores this week, they said agchem sales are very quiet and there has been minimal fertiliser orders which is a sign of just how cautious growers are being about over committing on the season just yet.

A number of farmers are supplementary feeding livestock. As onfarm stocks deplete they are now looking to buy in grain. With nine months until we see new season grain, the general consensus is to get in and buy now in case prices rise off the back of supply.

I was out and about this week visiting cotton growers to see how the crop is progressing. A few said they have lost a little yield potential due to the heat post-Christmas and struggling to keep the water up because of pumping restrictions. As the crop stands now, the bolls are formed and starting to open, so there should only be two irrigation cycles left.

The feed markets this week have remained firm on the grower to grower trades, certainly at a premium to what the consumer bids are. Those fortunate enough to have stocks are letting wheat go for $410-420/MT exfarm and F1 barley around $400-410/MT.

Delivered bids into the Downs ended the week at SFW1 $420/MT, F1 $388/MT and sorghum $360/MT.

Photo: Rotation corn crop between Parkes and Condobolin.


Prices as at 22nd February

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.


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