CNSW Market Update – 28/06/2019

Anthony Hall, Regional Manager NSW & QLD

2 minute read

There is little change to report this week throughout central NSW up to central QLD. There has been no rain and unfortunately there is nothing on the forecast for the next 15 days. The frosts have eased and the temperature has crept back up to the early 20’s. There is a notable change in crop conditions post four cracking frosts in a row and subsoil moisture depleting. Crops have started to slow in growth, have lost a lot of colour and are showing signs of stress. We’re seeing a lot of livestock being turned out on crops to make the most of what is currently there, especially on a bleak forecast.

I took a trip through the Liverpool Plains area this week. They were blessed with up to three to four inches of rain in June and everyone thought this was the break they needed. It’s amazing how quickly things turn around and they’re slipping back into drought conditions very fast. There is still potential for a crop, however without rain in the coming three to four weeks it will be stock feed.

Markets were all over the place this week. It’s a little quiet on the bid and offer at the moment so hard to pinpoint values. The trade and consumers are watching the weather forecast very closely as the east coast’s potential of a crop worsens and grower’s concerns about committing to any sales are increasing while there is a below average outlook for production.

Pictured: Canola near Coolah looking good but in need of rain

Prices as at 27th June

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.


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