CNSW Market Update – 28/09/2018

Anthony Hall, Agfarm Regional Manager NSW & QLD

Harvest is well under way in QLD this week. Wheat is the main crop coming off so far with yields varying from 0.4MT – 0.8MT/acre, test results are coming in at around 12-13 protein, 83 test weight and low screenings of 1-2.5%. Chick peas are still a week away with desiccation taking place as we speak.

The dry weather, strong winds and mid 20 degree days is certainly progressing what little crop there is in NSW. It looks like there will be an early and unfortunately short harvest this year with most aiming for seed recovery and anything above that is a bonus. There are a number of crops being cut for hay in the southern part of NSW which is a result of moisture deficit, frost and the ability to capture the premium currently being paid for hay.

On commodity values, canola is playing catch-up with wheat and barley and seeing strong movements upwards of $15-20/MT in the last couple of days. Cereals remain strong with most domestic consumers still trying to get a feel for the crop size and ascertain where they will source their requirements from. Stock feed buying interest is starting to increase again as the small amount of green pick starts to die off and the reality of the non-existent rain forecast sets in.

Pictured: crops around Narromine and Nevertire



Prices as at 28th September


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