Anthony Hall, Regional Manager NSW & QLD

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The forecasted rain mentioned last week unfortunately didn’t deliver anything like predicted. Some areas got 3mm-5mm but most received nothing. Given how late we are into the sowing window, one would think fallow country will be pushed into summer opportunities, which are still up in the air at the moment. Moisture profiles are low meaning we will need a very favourable spring to confidently get anything in for summer. Winter crop conditions are deteriorating at a rapid pace. Given we’ve had no rain since the four solid frosts in a row two weeks ago and the temperatures are back into the 20’s feeling like spring, this isn’t surprising. There is hopeful thinking the predicted change on Monday and Tuesday will yield something. Fingers crossed this results in more than just dust settling falls.

Wheat and barley in the central QLD cropping belt have come out in head so they are praying their frosts are finished for the year. If southern QLD has a few more weeks with this weather, they too will be pushing heads out and finishing too early with no moisture. Some decisions will need to be made on the marginal crops throughout NSW; stock feed or take a punt on some rain.

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