CNSW Market Update – 8/03/2019

Anthony Hall, Regional Manager NSW & QLD

Weather patterns continue to support the south of NSW and hug the coast line again this week. The falls have been relatively small, but every little bit counts. Unfortunately for central and north NSW this pattern is very consistent to what we experienced last year. There is some activity popping up towards the end of March which should produce rain further inland. Fingers crossed this is the start of better times and our autumn break.

The same thing has been occurring for QLD this week. The falls have been coastal and there has been nothing beneficial throughout the cropping belt. Everyone is waiting for some decent falls before committing area to sow this year. Again, the activity in the back half of March is looking promising.

The sorghum market strengthened this week on the back of a few contract washouts and the strengthening of the feed grain sector with the prolonged dry weather. Delivered Downs finished the week around $360/MT, Newcastle at $395/MT and Liverpool Plains at $375/MT.

Wheat remained unchanged for most of the week. Delivered Downs was $411/MT and delivered Liverpool Plains was $408/MT.

Barley has hopefully hit the bottom. There was some strength in this market for the back end of this week, delivered Downs closed the week at $378/MT.

This week I attended the NSW CRT agronomy conference in Dubbo. It was good to catch up with stores from all round the state in one place. Obviously, the talk was dominated with the dry weather and the short-term outlook. Despite this, everyone was ready with plenty of product and support should the season break in the next couple of weeks.

Prices as at 8th March

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.


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