Agfarm has a range of grain marketing and cashflow products to help you this harvest.

Agfarm Advantage is a low risk indexed selling program that markets an equal portion of your grain each month, over your chosen time period, taking the highs and lows out of your grain marketing.

Agfarm Fast Cash is an inventory financing program which gives you a 60% loan based on the current value of grain. You then have up to six months to sell your grain via the Agfarm Exchange.

The Agfarm Growth Fund is an actively managed marketing program using sophisticated techniques to protect your returns, while capitalising on the upside.

Agfarm Account Management is a premium service that will tailor grain marketing solutions for your business providing the most successful outcome for you and your bottom line.

Agfarm Freight provides you with a solution for the troubles, struggles and costs associated with moving grain by road, so you can put your focus back on farming.

Agfarm Access is a free price discovery platform that gives you the ability to compare a range of marketing and inventory finance options for wheat, barley and canola.