MEDIA RELEASE: Agfarm and CRT Announce Finance Partnership for Broadacre Farmers

Affordable finance for Broadacre Farmers


Australian broadacre farmers will see a significant increase in access to affordable and innovative input finance this planting season, thanks to a strategic partnership between Agfarm and Combined Rural Traders (CRT), as announced at the CRT Conference held in Perth last week. Agfarm’s input finance program ‘Accelerate’, has been in the market for the last five years, and to ensure more broadacre farmers are able to access the long term cashflow benefits, it is now being offered through all participating CRT stores based in broadacre cropping areas.


Agfarm CEO, Ron McCalman said this couldn’t have come at a better time for broadacre farmers across Australia.


‘It’s no secret broadacre enterprises across the country are expanding, and with this, there is a growing need for innovative finance, and the need for multiple financiers to work together. This is the purpose of Agfarm Accelerate.


‘We’ve always known affordable and innovative input finance is what Australian broadacre farmers need and want, and after five years of growing and perfecting the product, the processes and the systems, we want more farmers to benefit from it.’


This season’s smaller harvest will also have an impact on farmers’ need for finance and cashflow solutions this season.


‘A tough season in certain areas has added additional cashflow pressures for the coming season, therefore many Australian farmers will be looking for innovative ways to improve cashflow to put this season’s crop in the ground. We hope this release will assist to ease the pressure and move on with next season’s crop.


‘Agfarm and CRT have worked side by side for many years now, mainly with our indexed grain marketing program Agfarm Advantage, so we have full confidence this partnership will have positive benefits for all parties; Australian farmers, CRT and Agfarm’, Mr McCalman said.


Executive General Manager of CRT, Greg O’Neil is also looking forward to the roll out.


‘CRT is always looking for ways to improve our service offering and assist our clients to expand and improve their operations, so the introduction of Agfarm Accelerate to the broader CRT network is great news.


‘Most CRT stores currently offer a limited range of finance models to broadacre farmers, however, in many cases they have been restricted due to a number of factors, in being able to offer seasonal finance more broadly. The introduction of Agfarm Accelerate will allow post-harvest payment terms, which will better suit their farming clientele’, Mr O’Neil said.


For more information on Agfarm Accelerate, where it is available and how you can apply, visit your local CRT store, go to or call your local Agfarm Account Manager on 1300 243 276.



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