SA Market Update 01/03/2019

Kate Phillips, Agfarm Regional Manager South Australia

Things have remained relatively unchanged in South Australia over the past week. In areas around the great state that have been able to maintain some ground cover, we are starting to see a little action with slashing and gentle prep starting. Some growers are thinking they will start the regular maintenance on seeding rigs soon in the hope the weather responds kindly and produces some good sowing falls. This morning, Viterra released additional shipping stem capacity for both Port Giles and Port Lincoln, and it will be interesting to see which buyers take up this availability.

The Wimmera Field Days are on next week which I will be attending to catch up with a few growers and see how the area is looking. Please let me know if you are around as I would love to catch up with anyone for chit chat.

The downward movements in grain markets have continued, giving growers who have held onto their grain cause to pause for a moment and consider their positions. Many are still of the opinion the downward moves should hopefully be balanced out with an upward swing on the back of increased stock feed and end user enquiry. New crop multigrade wheat markets have seen a small downward move with bids back $10/MT for both Lincoln and Adelaide tracks, but the new crop barley and canola bids have remained positive to level week on week.

Photo: Stock water levels starting to look a little desperate at home.


Prices as at 28th February

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.



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