Kate Phillips, Agfarm Account Manager SA

The nimbostratus clouds that passed across South Australia this week just teased us with only enough rainfall to settle the dust again, doing little for sub-soil moisture levels. Looking at the BOM, the chance of good rainfall over South Australian agricultural areas in the next 8 days seems as similarly unlikely as me managing to keep the birds out of my fruit trees. Temperatures have been milder this week, and in the week to come the mercury is expected to sit in the low to mid-30s.

Pest levels are just starting to increase in a number of areas around the lower Mid North, Murryland and Upper South East. I have heard reports of many active mice warrens/holes across several paddocks even now as we approach the new season, with now being the time for affected growers to organise and prepare their baiting. Snail management in many of these areas is also requiring some close attention.

This week has been a bit of a mixed bag with regard to cereal markets. F1 barley was back $4/MT to $251/MT on Thursday, off the back of the $255/MT highs of last week, whilst wheat has also been trading higher with H1 hitting $295/MT Port Adelaide and $300/MT delivered Semaphore. APW1 remained relatively unchanged, but ASW1 strengthened +$4/MT to close the later part of this week at around $245/MT. Canola markets are still singing from the same song book as the past month or so, with numbers continuing to sit around the $475-476/MT mark.

The delivered markets continue to look for deliveries in the March-April period. Murray Bridge is currently trading at $252/MT for ASW1 for March, SFW1 is also at $252/MT. F1 into Semaphore is at the same levels as last week, trading at $260/MT.

For any of the South Australian growers heading across the border to visit the Wimmera Field Days in Horsham, please be sure to stop by to see Sam Davidson and myself in the Alan Heard Pavilion!


Prices as at 2nd March 2018


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