SA Market Update 02/08/2019

Kate Phillips SA Regional Manager

2.5 minute read

Chilly mornings are the norm at the moment, but you can feel that spring is on the way. Dawn is breaking just that little bit earlier and I’m not stumbling around in the dark feeding animals as early in the evenings. As the days become longer and the weather starts to warm, we will no doubt see crops really boost along.

Current sub soil moisture levels are stable and although some areas could use a top up, most growers are happy with where things are currently. The BoM reports of a drier couple of months on the horizon along with the knowledge that SA does occasionally throw warm August and September days into the mix still has many taking a cautious wait and see approach.

Crop growth is coming along nicely. There is some variance around the state but the majority of this has come from when the crop was sown rather than anything else. There are reports of some crops starting to come into head and we are all starting to see a tinge of yellow in paddocks as canola starts to flower.

With many in the industry attending the AGIC conference in Melbourne this week markets have been a little quieter. Both new and old crop pricing has moved into this week sideways to slightly stronger. New crop Port Adelaide APW1 is at the magic $300/MT with Port Lincoln sitting just south at $293/MT. We are still seeing some demand for stock feed with farmers needing cover for a few more months yet. Delivered bids for both new and old crop tonnes are also fairly steady, with 2018/19 ASW1 Del Murray Bridge at $313/MT and 2019/20 at $284/MT.

Prices as at 1st August

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.


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