Kate Phillips, Agfarm Account Manager SA

Last week saw SA shivering through cold temps and frosts. This week has been the opposite with temps around 16-20. Strong winds and little to no rain for the state has moisture levels in some agricultural growing areas depleted to levels like those in early June. The eight-day forecast shows a little on the radar, but the state will be looking for another strong cold front to pass through, and with it hopefully a good rain event for the state. At this stage the long-range forecast has the 14th-18th July and the 21st–25th July as the best chance of this occurring

Growers in the south east are reporting good moisture levels and even germination for their areas. Urea has been spread on several properties in this region and now, all that’s needed is the rain to wash it in. Crops in the Murraylands are looking fairly consistent and we’re still seeing the odd seeding rig out having a crack at a late plant.

Pictured: Crops coming along in Younghusband area


Prices as at 5th July 2018.

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