SA Market Update 06/09/2019

Kate Phillips SA Regional Manager

2.5 minute read

I’m starting to feel like one the Leyland brothers for no other reason than I am “driving all over the countryside”. This week I have popped back over to the Eyre Peninsula to attend the LEDA crop walk around the Cummins area and things are looking pretty sweet. Everywhere could use some moisture but it was a sea of green and gold!

Things are a little different as you head further north. Those in the Wudinna, Kyancutta and Kimba areas really do need good falls to help them realise some positivity in the season. Reports of bulkier crops in the area being cut for hay and those leaner crops being left standing to get seed back at the very least.

Frost seems to have touched many parts of the state with reports from the Murraylands through to Clare and over to the Eyre. The forecast shows the potential for an increased frost risk and with the dry ground this could start having a greater impact on crops.

Next week sees myself, Andrew Hannon and Chris Coore head back over to the Eyre Peninsula to catch up with growers and stores along with checking things out at the Sticky Beak days. If you see us make sure you come over and say hi.

Markets this week have realised some small gains. We are still seeing limited forward selling but have seen old crop tonnes start to move again as old crop APW1 creeps back over the $300/MT mark.

Pictured: Few mm of rain at Crystal Brook Friday morning

Prices as at 05th September

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.


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