SA Market Update 07/06/2019

Tom Guthrie, General Manager Account Management

1 minute read

Winter is here across the great state following a cold and dry week. Rainfall is forecast over the weekend and will be welcomed throughout the cropping belt.

Production prospects continue to improve in most regions as rainfall catches up on a late break and a slow start to the season. Like WA and Victoria, SA will need a kind winter and spring to bring this crop home.

Some grower selling was noted late last week and early this week on the up tick in values for wheat. However, the pull back in values over the last two days has turned off grower selling for now.

In most regions sowing is now complete, which in turn will allow growers to enjoy a well earned break over the long weekend, maybe even make it to Adelaide Oval to watch the ‘Pride of South Australia’ beat up the Giants!

Pictured: Some mixed levels of germination through the Murraylands. In general, the area is in need of a couple of solid rain events before they feel confident in the season.



Prices as at 07th June

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