SA Market Update 07/09/2018

Kate Phillips, Agfarm Account Manager South Australia

Another week and another change to the SA crop conditions and grower sentiment, with thoughts turning to new season grain marketing. Areas of the Murraylands, the Mid North and parts of the Mallee were unfortunately hit with another frost during the week while parts of the Eyre Peninsular and Yorke Peninsular received good rainfalls. Most other growing areas of South Australia got at least a little bit of a drink.

The week to follow is going to be another watch, wait and see. The outlook shows warm to hot temperatures heading for most parts of South Australia on Monday and Tuesday with little to no rain on the radar. Let’s hope the heat doesn’t reach the expected 27-30. The eight day BOM forecast is showing 5-15mm should fall on most parts of SA which will be very much needed after a warm start to September.

The later part of this week has seen some make a start on cutting hay and others sit back and watch the crop as it heads towards early head emergence. The expected heat will no doubt start to influence expected yields in some areas, particularly if it reaches predicted highs. It really will be a watch and wait over the next month as most hope for enough rain, moderate temperatures and wind speeds to allow a kind finish to the season.

In market news, new crop barley has seen an almost $10/MT increase week on week to find stability again at $341/MT for Port Adelaide zone and $330/MT Port Lincoln zone. The wheat market has found some traction with APW1 bids at $370/MT Port Adelaide zone and $346/MT Port Lincoln zone, gently returning to the highs we saw a month or so back. Canola is a similar story as it hit the $570’s/MT for the Port Adelaide zone and $560’s/MT for the Port Lincoln zone to continue its steady rise week on week.

Pictured: Canola just inside the SA/VIC border.

Prices as at 6th September


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