SA Market Update 09/08/2019

Kate Phillips SA Regional Manager

2.5 minute read

This week has seen me on the road from the Murraylands through to the Riverland. All in all, it is looking smart and the continued small rainfall events are keeping things fresh and the sub soil moisture at positive levels. The closer to the Mildura area you get the tougher conditions become and the need for a good drink becomes more evident. There are still some good-looking well established crops to be found that are tillering nicely. If the rain falls at regular intervals from now through to the end of September, the area may well throw a very nice crop as you can certainly see the potential. The later part of the week has seen the wind pick up across the state and areas get hit with severe weather warnings for destructive winds. I can attest to this as I very well nearly got blown away while out doing crop tours.

Marketing wise we are just starting to see some small moves into new crop contracting. With APW1 multigrade sitting just north of $300/MT Port Adelaide, a few have decided they are comfortable to recommence locking away. The story from previous weeks continues though, with the past harvest still front of mind for many and the potentially dry few months a niggling concern. Buyers also continue to be relatively quiet.

Bids have pretty much slid sideways, week on week. We have seen some small rises in the last day to see old crop wheat and barley continue their run north of $305/MT and new crop wheat remaining over the $300/MT mark. New crop barley also gained some strength to sit at $271/MT Port Adelaide. Port Lincoln zone bids have followed suit with both new crop wheat and barley gaining some small strength. It will be good to get back over to the Eyre next week to see how the crop has progressed in the last month.

Pictured: Canola coming out in flower between Tailem Bend and Wynaka in SA.

Prices as at 8th August

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.


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