After the heat late last week we have returned to much cooler temperatures here in SA. Viterra took their first grower load earlier this week into Port Pirie but hearing of very little activity since. There are a few growers underway in the Port Germein area, but cooler temperatures have slowed down that coastal country with increased moisture.

Speaking to growers in the mid north and they remain concerned about the frost damage, some of which is clearly visible now and some may not be evident until harvest. There are large areas that have been cut for hay in this region due to frost effecting wheat more than barley. Growers who carry livestock will replenish their onfarm hay stocks before selling into the domestic and export markets but hearing hay prices have come off to circa $175/MT.

The south east of the state still looks good with minimal frost impact in the region. Growers are happy with production but remain reluctant sellers. Some are of the view this market will go higher on the back of the ongoing east coast drought.

I met with a major manufacturer of grain handling equipment on the weekend and they have delivered bunker equipment to ADM at Port Pirie, TPorts on the west coast and are working with Cargill on their ship loading facility at Port Adelaide. SA growers will have a number of new options for deliveries off the header so we may see some different grain paths this harvest.

Viterra exports remain remarkably quiet with only Port Lincoln and Port Adelaide (Inner) showing any vessels on the stem. No prizes for guessing the exporter (yes, Glencore).

The weather outlook for the week is mid to low 20’s in the south and east, mid to high 20’s in the north and west. These conditions will bring harvest on slowly with the early areas 10 days away from getting some momentum and other regions commencing sequentially behind this.

Port pricing is a bit variable at present with not all buyers posting in all ports.

Prices as at Thursday 10th October 2019

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