SA Market Update 13/12/2018

Kate Phillips, Agfarm Regional Manager South Australia

Another week of unusual weather across the state, with temperatures dropping significantly and rain falling state-wide on Thursday/Friday. Anyone who hasn’t finished harvest will be held up until the start of next week. Prior to this we saw near perfect harvest conditions for 10 days with headers going for broke across the state. Viterra has reached just under the 3MMT mark with many areas finished or in the final stages of reaping. If the state gets favourable harvest conditions, after this current front, then we should see the majority of the harvest complete by Christmas with just those in the southern areas to finish.

Wheat quality continues to hold up across the state with over 50% still going H1/H2. Happy growers from the lower south east have had the majority of their loads go H1 and looking to lock this away while a good premium still exists for the higher grades. Barley on the other hand is still a majority feed story with F1-F3 making up most the tonnage we are seeing. Tonnages continue to be as variable as the season itself with ranges from 500kg up to 4MT/ha in their wheat crops this week.

In market news we are seeing a similar story to last week. Prices remain mostly steady in all South Australian port zones. Tonnes are certainly flowing into storages onfarm, in bulk grain handlers and the private stores. For the most part, growers continue to be disengaged with the market but the slow return to stronger commodity prices has seen interest increase.

Delivered feed barley bids have strengthened over the course of the week to end Thursday at $337/MT into Wasleys and Murray Bridge. H2 is also being bid strongly with $420/MT for Jan delivery. This week has also seen an increase of calls regarding Agfarm Advantage programs which provide the opportunity to participate and capture possible upside in the market in the new year.


Prices as at 13th December

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.



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