SA Market Update 14/06/2019

Kate Phillips SA Regional Manager

1.5 minute read

The rain so desperately needed by many made an appearance earlier this week. The day prior to the rain was one of the warmest June days for many years and the rain front brought the best falls seen in two years. This event has brought much needed relief to many areas and an increase in confidence in the season. Rainfall for the week ranged from 19 to 75mms with a few more fronts appearing on the eight-day radar. The recent rains will help solidify the potential of the season and should see crops start to come along nicely. Agronomists will be kept busy with crop checks and spray plans.

This week has seen continued buying interest in barley for sheep feed. Although the paddocks are turning green there is still the need for feed. Those who have held onto old crop tonnes are seeing bids in a similar ball park to last week for both wheat and barley. Wheat is continuing its run north of $300/MT with Port Adelaide APW1 at $320/MT, H1 at $335/MT and AUH2 at $300/MT. Barley has made a sideways move into this week at $310/MT.

New crop bids remain steady. APW1 Multigrade is a tick above the $300/MT trigger at $303/MT and F1 barley multigrade is at $250/MT. Port Lincoln has followed suit with a $10/MT spread between port zones with Lincoln at $293/MT for APW1 multigrade and $240/MT for F1 barley multigrade. Canola continues its run at $556/MT for both Adelaide and Lincoln.



Prices as at 14th June

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.


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