SA Market Update – 16/03/2018

Kate Phillips, Agfarm Regional Manager SA

The dry weather throughout South Australia has continued this week. Growers are not overly concerned at this stage but a little more rain on the radar (than the 1-2mm that is seen on the BOM 8-day forecast) would be well received. If no serious rain falls over the next month then growers will look to dry seed and so look to the skies for rain shortly thereafter. The Bureau is stating on their three-month climate outlook that quote “the chances of a wetter or drier season are roughly equal”.

Mice are on the rise again. Growers in many regions of SA are seeing an increase in mice activity, and are finding more frequent holes in cropping areas. CRT and Platinum stores are gearing up for an increase in bait demand and growers are making plans to bait at the same time they seed.

Values this week have been a bit of a mixed bag, with H1, F1, ASW1 back $1-3/MT for both delivered Adelaide and Port Adelaide track, whilst APW1 is a tad higher at $260/MT. Canola has seen a rise this week, up $13/MT to go from $472/MT last week up to $485/MT today. Port Giles is showing strong numbers, with a $290/MT for H1 and $228/MT for FED1. In the Lincoln zone, buyers were happy to bid for APW1 at around the $258/MT level and F1 at $245/MT.

This week saw Platinum Ag Services Murrylands run two grower’s sessions. A dinner at Peake and then a breakfast at Mannum, both these events were well attended and growers got to hear from speakers on everything from non-wetting soils to mice and micro nutrients.


Photoed: “Hilary Hilux” and I are continuing to spend time on the road so we look forward to meeting you soon. Unfortunately little Lola’s schedule is jam-packed so she’ll try her best, but no guarrantees she’ll make every meeting.

Prices as at 16th March 2018

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