Kate Phillips, Agfarm Regional Manager South Australia

The weather has been kind this week to most growers who are harvesting. Warm temperatures continue to hover around the high 20s making for good harvest conditions. The forecast is showing things warming up for the state over the coming weekend which should add to the number of headers moving at pace in paddocks. We may see showers towards the end of next week with possible falls of 1-10mm.

I spent some of the week driving around the south east of South Australia. On the whole, things are looking pretty sweet for the area. Crops for the most part are still a few weeks away from being ripe and ready. The area should yield well with crops looking dense and heads filling nicely. Yield expectations for wheat and barley should sit from 2-4MT/ha with some being lucky enough to be looking at 4MT/ha +. In a year where we are seeing higher commodity pricing, those who realise higher yields should come away from harvest feeling confident with their outcome.

Harvest progress for the state is sitting around the 500,000MT bringing us close to 15% of the way through harvest 18. The majority of grain is coming off around the Mid North, Murraylands and Murray Mallee with the Eyre Peninsular starting to get moving as well.

Markets for the week continue to see a softening across most commodities and ports. Feed barley has taken the biggest downward move with Port Adelaide track losing $21/MT week on week. Port Lincoln track moved downwards $14/MT to end the week around the $302/MT mark. Canola has had an interesting week with the price moving south but some buyers pricing strongly through the border sites with Keith and Wolseley being priced $10-16/MT above sites closer to Port Adelaide. The domestic market is still seeing continued interest for delivered wheat into Northern Adelaide homes.

Wishing you all a safe and happy harvesting week.

Pictured: Wheat in Coonalpyn SA


Prices as at 15th November

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.



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