SA Market Update – 20/07/2018

Kate Phillips, Agfarm Account Manager SA

It’s been a week of high winds, a little rain and slightly more buoyant grain markets.

Strong winds took their toll on crops in areas from Loxton through the Eyre Peninsular and with little moisture in some of the ground it wasn’t surprising to hear of sand and dust storms making things difficult. If you have been on the Agfarm social media sites in recent days, you will have seen a video taken by Harry Jachmann of the winds wreaking havoc around the Loxton area. If you believe the old tale of strong winds at this time of year clearing the way for good rains, then we should hopefully be in for rain soon. You can watch the video here if you didn’t see it.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s forecast for the remainder of the month is showing a little chance of rain. Let’s hope this moves inland to cover all the growing areas of SA and gives those in desperate need a good drink.

In commodity pricing news, SA has had a stronger week in both the new and old crop markets for both onfarm and in system stock. Buyers are bidding up and most are open to offers for anything remaining in upcountry sites in most port zones. Strong H2 numbers over the past few days have provided growers with some good selling opportunities in Adelaide $310/MT, Wallaroo and Giles $300/MT. Its seems the game of hide and seek is still at play with it proving difficult to shake tonnes loose in SA as growers continue to hold any old season grain they have as the dry continues. There are some good prices about and most buyers are happy to look at offers from growers, providing some good selling opportunities.

Field day season is upon us again with the Mallee Machinery Field Days in Speed Victoria happening the first week of August and then the Cleve Field Days two weeks after. The team from Agfarm will be there and able to assist with marketing your grain and providing insights into what we are seeing in the market. Make sure to drop by, say hi and grab an Agfarm beanie, as it will no doubt be chilly.

Prices as at 19th July 2018.

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