SA Market Update 21/06/2019

Kate Phillips SA Regional Manager

2 minute read

Speaking with growers across the state this week and there is a definite lift in both mood and outlook. The recent rainfall has increased soil moisture for many but also brought significant relief to growers in areas that had previously missed out. The ground is already responding well with emerging crops looking good in most areas. We will no doubt start to see growth slow somewhat in the coming weeks as the temperatures drop to chilly winter levels.

The recent rainfall has kept agronomists across the state busy spending time checking crops, looking at post emergent spraying requirements and urea application. The eight-day forecast is showing possible continue rainfall in the 5-10mm range which will help to keep soil moisture levels topped up. Those who are feeling more confident for the coming season have begun to lock away forward contracts on the back of positive new crop pricing.

Week on week there has only been small movements in both new and old crop and markets. The biggest swings have been in the new crop canola bids with both Adelaide and Lincoln track numbers strengthening by $14/MT and $12/MT respectively. Those who do have canola in their rotation this year may well look to hold out for a stronger number basis the reduction in hectares state wide.

The green pick is allowing those feeding sheep to finally graze some of their area. However, there are still many who will continue feeding well into the year keeping stock feed pricing buoyant with pricing steady at around $360/MT for feed barley into mid north homes.

Keep warm and have a great week.


Pictured: Crops coming through north of Roseworthy and west of Auburn.


Prices as at 20th June

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.


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