Kate Phillips, Agfarm Regional Manager SA

In last week’s report I mentioned that there was no rain on the forecast and that SA wouldn’t see any… well of course it rained, not a lot but enough to wet the ground and add a little to the tanks. So, each week from now I think I will predict no rain and see if this get the skies to open. A good rain would be nice to have in the ground, but there isn’t too much concern at this stage.
Hilary Hilux and I have spent this week driving around the Yorke Peninsular meeting growers, seeing stores and having a look at conditions. While it’s dry in the golden triangle, there is still feed available and growers are starting their pre-seeding with the countdown to start only a month or so away.
Values this week have bounced around but have, in general, ended softer week on week. Wheat values have continued to trend downwards. H2, APW1 and canola have seen the widest swing, moving downwards $8-10/MT. Feed barley and the delivered markets continue to be the good news stories in South Australia, with F1 up $3/MT to finish Thursday at $253/MT, providing good opportunities for current sellers. The canola market in South Australia hasn’t come back to the harvest levels that most were hoping for, it seems the only $500/MT canola number we probably see prior to harvest will be those in the new crop market, with a $512/MT being bid today.
Hilary and I are spending next week in the office, so please give me a call if you would like to discuss the current markets or to chat about any of the Agfarm products on offer.

Prices as at 23rd March 2018

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