Kate Phillips, Agfarm Regional Manager South Australia

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South Australia has continued to see mild weather conditions through most of this week. Temperatures have remained in the low 20’s for most parts of the state and the rain that did fall was enough to keep most areas damp, but more is still needed. The BoM eight-day forecast is showing some good possible falls but let’s see what eventuates once the fronts arrive.

Earlier this week took me up through the Murrylands and around the Loxton area. While there was a nice a greening up of most areas, it was evident many areas are still lacking the subsoil moisture required to really kick things along. Seeding across the state is moving along nicely with all regions well underway. In each area we are seeing a variable level of completion from almost complete/finished to just under way. With the mild weather conditions and soil temperatures, crops are already emerging and growing nicely.

Markets ended Thursday with all new and old crop commodities in positive territory. This is a nice change to recent weeks which has seen prices week on week continue to weaken. The strongest gains have been in the new crop APW1 multigrade bids with both the Adelaide and Lincoln track numbers up $15/MT to end around the $270-275/MT mark. The end of trade on Thursday this week saw some strong interest in the old crop APW1 market with a sharp rise to it hit $300/MT.



Pictured: Cereal crop out of the ground near Loxton SA.


Prices as at 23rd May

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.


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