Kate Phillips, Agfarm Regional Manager South Australia

Harvest 2018/19 is slowly kicking off with the state seeing a few more tonnes hit the system in the mid north and Eyre Peninsular.

The week has seen little rain to no rain for most part of South Australia. The forecast showers over the weekend disappeared as fast as my teams AFL finals hopes. Thankfully the heat held off with temperatures remaining in the mid to high 20’s. The eight-day forecast shows the western parts of the Eyre Peninsular may get a good drink with the other growing areas of South Australia getting at least a small drop. This rain will still be a help to some areas where crops are still looking green.

Crops continue to be as variable as ever. Some paddocks look to be holding on and will probably yield around the 1.5 – 2 MT, some are looking at under .5MT, others have been cut for hay due to frost and other damage and some unfortunately will product nothing.

In marketing news it’s a sea of red as the bids softened anywhere from $12-25/MT week on week for new crop in all South Australian Port zones. We have seen some good grower interest in delivered bids for northern Adelaide homes and continued conversations around marketing mixes for the upcoming harvest. Nothing is really pointing to the market easing right off, although we may see some continued easing of bids as harvest kicks off. A number of growers have commented it will be an interesting marketplace by mid to late 2019.

Paddock at Bowhill SA


Prices as at 25th October

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.



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