SA Market Update 28/06/2019

Kate Phillips SA Regional Manager

2.5 minute read

Beautiful winter days have presented themselves this week across the great state. Wednesday hit a high of 21 and it was nice to de-layer after a few very chilly days last week, with frosts hitting many parts of the state.

While it has been cold, there has been little to no rain over the past seven days and follow up rains would be well received. The BoM is showing some good possible rainfall over the proceeding four days with most growing areas of South Australia hopefully receiving 5-15mm. The long-range forecast is for a drier than normal July/August period and with last year’s dry still front of mind for many, regular falls would assist with the continued positivity in the season’s possibilities.

For the most part, emerging crops are looking fabulous, and I am having to hunt to find those that are struggling. While there are some crops a couple of weeks behind others, this is predominantly due to when they were sown.
It is lovely to be able to view crops on paddocks that a few months ago were dust bowls resembling a moon scape. It’s too early to know what the season will give us, but for the moment, it’s pleasing to put on the optimistic boots and see the potential in the season.

New crop markets remained relatively unchanged week on week with commodities sliding into this week with only small north/south movements. Lack of interest in new crop bids continue with only small pockets of selling into the forward markets from those who have the confidence to lock away on the back of a tough season.

Those who held old crop wheat through a tumultuous few months of downward pricing have, over the past few weeks, finally been able to realise pricing that is more reflective of expectations with Port Adelaide zone APW1 at $326/MT, AUH2 at $327/MT and H1 $346/MT.

Those who are still seeking feed barley to feed sheep are finding pricing is remaining relatively steady with offers in the market place around the $360/MT delivered mid north. Feel free to contact me if you have feed requirements.


Prices as at 27th June

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.


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