Kate Phillips, Agfarm Regional Manager SA

We saw light rainfall across much of South Australian cropping regions last week and over the weekend, but we still haven’t hit levels that will be of any real use to growers. The start of seeding is just around the corner with the traditional Anzac Day kick off in sight. The radar isn’t showing anything of much significance, but there is still plenty of time for the skies to open and give growers some good opening rains to counter the low sub-soil moisture levels that we are currently seeing.

Mice chat continues to grow, as it seems does the mice population. Bait, bait, bait seems to be the main topic of conversation this week, along with commodity prices…

It’s been a short marketing week this week due to the Easter holiday. F1 barley has continued to be the star performer with it hitting $260/MT Adelaide earlier this week. New crop numbers are starting to see a little traction, with growers taking the opportunity to start locking away a little forward contracting into their mix.

2018/19 F1 Multigrade (MG) is seeing traction at around the $243/MT mark, with APW1 MG contracts getting interest at levels around $256/MT. Some buyers are happy to lock away spreads at H1 +$10/MT, H2 +$5/MT, AUH2 +$5/MT, ASW1 -$20/MT, AGP1 -$35/MT, and FED1 -$70/MT; others are happy to contract with floating grade spreads.

Agfarm wishes everyone a safe and happy Easter break. May the bunny bring loads of sweetness and hopefully some rain.

Prices as at 29th March 2018

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