Kate Phillips, Agfarm Regional Manager SA

Thanks to all the South Australian growers who crossed the border into Victoria this week to come and see Sam Davidson and I at the Wimmera Field days.

Conditions were similar across most of SA this week, with little to no rain and warm to hot days. Growers currently don’t seem too concerned with the dry conditions, this is helping keep the need to spray at bay. Rainfall in April will be handy to set the pre-seeding sub soil moisture profile up for the start of seeding at the end of April/start of May.

In terms of markets this week… well I could pretty much have copied last week’s report. Markets continue to trade sideways with a few small movements, but these generally have been flattening out.

Wheat is where it’s at this week, with the trade showing interest in owning ASW1 and APW1 Semaphore in the delivered market. A small rise in the Port Adelaide Track APW1 number sees this close out the week at around $258/MT. H1 Port Adelaide cracked the $300/MT mark, with buyers showing bids of $301/MT this week but ending the week at a little under $300/MT. F1 remains unchanged with $251-250/MT bids from the majority of buyers.

Canola remains on the softer side. It did see a small rally earlier in the week with a $482/MT being bid, but this quickly dropped back under the $480/MT mark to end the week back at $472/MT. Growers are still holding out for a five to be at the start of the bid before they want to let go, but when and if this $500/MT mark might return for old crop canola is a question that many are asking.

Hilary Hilux and myself are back on the road next week, heading down driveways to say hi to growers in the Mannum, Peake, and surrounding areas so I look forward to meeting those of you in these towns.

Prices as at 9th March 2018

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