VIC Market Update – 09/08/2019

James Ryssenbeek, Regional Manager VIC

2 minute read

There have been patchy rainfalls over the last 24 hours with a lot of cold wind. Birchip has had some great falls again at 17mm, which is really starting to set things up for a good season now. Hopefully there is more to come over the coming days.

I spent this week up in the north west of Victoria. There is still plenty of opportunity from Ouyen through to Swan Hill and north, but perhaps not quite the subsoil moisture support of their slightly southern compatriots. I saw good crops from Swan Hill through Chinkapook and then onto Ouyen. Crop condition starts to fall away once you get closer to and then north of Carwarp. We saw several clients west of Carwarp this week. All their crops are up, there aren’t obvious signs of stress, but rain is required sooner rather than later. It was blowing a gale there yesterday (Thursday) afternoon which wasn’t helpful!

Grain markets remain stable. We’re seeing increased onfarm grain offers from growers looking to free up storage in preparation for harvest. There is still only limited forward sales from those I have spoken with, however following last night’s rainfalls, some areas will be getting comfortable of good yields for cereal crops.

In other markets, new season milk contracts are being signed and prices are setting new personal bests for many, alas much of the benefit will be absorbed by water and feed costs. The dairy industry is starting to work through their fodder requirements to replace emergency stocks and normal requirements from broadacre croppers – a normal process, but thankfully there is a lot of crop to choose from compared with last year.

Pictured: plenty of dust rolling through south of Merrinee in Victoria.

Prices as at 9th August

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.


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