James Ryssenbeek, Agfarm Regional Manager VIC

Happy new year everyone and welcome to 2019.

Finally, for those still going we’ve had good harvesting weather for almost three weeks barring a few total fire ban days. Quality has remained high, with only minor rain induced downgrades. Yields from Horsham south have been strong with reports of average to above average.

In December I reported the high rainfall had washed away fragile sheep feed. Over the last two weeks across SA and VIC, successive days of over 40oC has not assisted with the recovery, so feeding will continue for the time being. On a positive note, a lot of growers are well in to their water conservation programs on sprayers which should offer a good base for 2019/20 season.

2018/19 markets remained stable over Christmas and New Year with only minimal sales which is fairly standard during this period. There is still talk of upside in F1 in the coming months, with growers selling only what is required for cashflow and retaining the rest. Hay markets have also quietened off for the moment, but if the hot spells continue that could change.

Since the 21st December 2018, my last report, 2018/19 prices are largely unchanged. There have been reductions in old season (2017/18) cereals; barley off $18/MT and wheat $14/MT, however canola has held its ground.


Prices as at 11th January

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.


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