James Ryssenbeek, Agfarm Regional Manager VIC

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And everything is green again! Sowing progress is at 70% by my reckoning, and grain markets have had a slight rally. An amazing change in only a few weeks.

I was on the road this week travelling from Shepparton through to Mathoura, Cobram and Wagga. While there are still lots of sowing rigs around, the growers we saw were minimum 50% through. Most expect to be finished by the end of next week. Everyone has been very happy with the sowing conditions. Warm weather has promoted good seed germination and there have been basically no interruptions. We did have one client who is re-sowing some canola due to minor crusting, and there are definitely plenty of sprayers going with warm weather and moisture bringing insects out too.

Now the crop is mostly in, rain will be required soon for most. Broadly speaking Victoria had 30-50mm for a lot of the cropping areas in the last four weeks. Perfect for sowing. But now the crop is in, and with a bit of warm weather, more rain will be required soon.

New crop markets are up slightly this week, mostly related to delayed corn planting in the US which has the interest of traders. Old crop is holding steady but there is better engagement this week between sellers/buyers while there is no rain on the immediate horizon. Hay demand remains strong, although there is green pick, there isn’t enough yet to stop additional feeding.

Pictured: Sowing in Dookie Victoria.


Prices as at 17th May

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