For my last weekly wrap in 2020, something different… a break in harvest! There has been very hot weather over the last few days, particularly today with total fire bans throughout Victoria. However, for most of the state harvest is finished or drawing to a close this year, and it has been very pleasing to hear that many had a great season.

There are lots of opportunities on the rising market across all commodities. There is still some strong wheat pricing available into Melbourne/Geelong thanks to the slower harvest creating some supply demand pricing spikes. There have also been some great onfarm returns for delivered end user barley sales. Good quality hay is trading in the $220-250/MT range with lots going north into NSW/QLD. 

For those not finished I wish you all the best. My thoughts go out to all those in drought and the shocking fires throughout NSW. Safe travels for the holiday period and happy Christmas. Thanks for reading. See you in 2020.

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