VIC Market Update – 9/11/2018

James Ryssenbeek, Agfarm Regional Manager VIC

Cooler weather and showers have slowed harvest this week, but other than the Western Districts, most have started either windrowing or cereals harvest.

Last week I commented on frosting in the Western Districts. Yesterday I drove from Stawell through Lake Bolac, Skipton and through to Ballarat. While there were cereals cut for hay, most of what I saw looked good, and wasn’t showing obvious signs of damage. Crops on the south eastern side of Horsham also look good, however as you head north yield and bulk drop off quickly.

Its early days for harvest, but reports are of 1MT/ha barley crops in the northern Mallee with high protein. Irrigated canola crops near the NSW border have been windrowed, however no volume seems to have come off the paddocks as yet.

Markets continue to remain quiet in Victoria while we await the thick of harvest. Old season crops have remained stable, but are seeing little action, a result of stocks running low and lack of buyer interest given we’re so close to the new season.

Pictured: Barley crop south of Skipton VIC


Prices as at 8th November

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.


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