WA Market Update – 02/08/2019

Reid Seaby, WA Regional Manager

1.5 minute read

WA cropping areas recorded some showers over the past week with 1 – 10mm in the Geraldton zone and 1 – 5mm in the Great Southern and Esperance regions. Falls were lighter in the central parts of the Kwinana zone. Although July was slightly drier than average, crops haven’t suffered because fortunately, they are still sitting on good moisture. However, given the crops are late it means they remain vulnerable to hot and dry weather, making the next month or so critical to production outcomes. Ongoing dryness and warming temperatures through August and September will likely see some yield declines in most areas.

Although markets have been generally moving in the right direction, grower selling remains lean at this point of the season. Local wheat markets were higher as APW1 in Kwinana jumped $5/MT to $315/MT FIS and the spread to ASW1 closed slightly. The malt barley spread on the other hand opened up to $30/MT this week given feed bids dropped $5/MT to $270/MT and malt pushed up to $300/MT FIS Kwinana. Canola bids continue to trade in a tight range.

Prices as at 1st August 2019

* View of current market pricing. Does not represent current Agfarm bids.

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