Reid Seaby, Agfarm Regional Manager WA


Kwinana bids have been generally weaker the past week. APW bids have been as high as $295/MT over the past fortnight, which has seen grower selling pick up a bit as they seek to move on some of the grain they have carried from harvest.

As a general comment the strategy to hold off on sales has been a success this season given the positive trend we have seen in the market since December/January. Having said this, most high-spec milling grades were sold during the harvest period when the premiums were higher and growers have elected to hold the lower spec feed grades to take advantage of the now lower discounts to APW. Canola bids in Kwinana were $10/MT lower this week at $520/MT free in store, barley bids were mixed and wheat values dropped slightly.

Prices as at 16th March 2018

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